About me

Before:  Science
  • During my career,  I passionately explored the scientific world.
  • LA JUBILACIÓN - the evocative Spanish phrase for RETIREMENT!

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2014-2022 SCHNITTSTELLE SCHINDLER, Technology transfer Biotechnology/Pharmacy

2018-2019  Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Arcus Biosciences Inc., Hayward, CA, USA

2016-2018 Vice President, Biology, Arcus Biosciences Inc., Hayward, CA, USA

2011-2013 Executive Director/Head of Biologics, Amgen Inc., USA

2007-2013 Managing Director, Alantos Pharmaceutical AG, Germany

2004-2011 Managing Director, Amgen Research GmbH, Germany

2000-2004 Managing Director, Tularik GmbH, Germany

1993-2000 Scientist, Tularik Inc., USA

1989-1993 Scientific Associate at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA