Tours in Europe

During and shortly after the COVID Pandemic I cycled in Europe and completed a few of the various Eurovelos. First, I completed the Rhine Valley tour (Eurovelo 15) from Andermatt, Switzerland, to to Hoek van Holland, Holland. Than I did part of the River Tour (Eurovelo 6) from Basel, Switzerland, to Siant-Nazaire, France, and from Basel to Vienna (Austria).

These tours were followed by the Mediteranien Route (Eurovelo 8) from Nice, France, to Huelva, Spain, and Part of the Atlantic Route (Eurovelo 1) from Helva, Spain, to Bordeaux, France. I could not omit Italy, so I cycled on the Via Roma (Eurovelo 5) from Milano to Neaples and finally I visited Denmark on the Pilgrimage Route (Eurovelo 3).

Impressions of the journey