Finally the first day of cycling

Finally, the first day of cycling!!! The last two days were spent assembling the bikes (unfortunately, a few bikes only arrived yesterday evening, and people have been waiting for three days... very nerve-wracking), getting to know people, briefings, etc.

This morning, breakfast at 5 o'clock, then off to the pyramids and the Sphinx. In the past, the tour started directly at the pyramids, but due to traffic, that's no longer possible today. So, we will be taken by bus to just outside the city.

From there, it's 62 km and 717 meters of elevation gain to Ain Sokhna on the Red Sea. Interestingly, there's currently a cycling race happening along the route with about 600 cyclists participating. Our group of 35 cyclists got lost in the crowd :-)

It's also great because the motor vehicles on the three-lane road show a lot of consideration for us and greet us cheerfully, including the police at various checkpoints. To our surprise, we will be staying in a hotel tonight and tomorrow!

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