We cycled from Luxor to Edfu on Saturday

On Saturday, we cycled from Luxor to Edfu. We couldn't leave the city without police escort. Therefore, we cycled in a convoy for the first 20 km out of the city. After that, we could disperse, but the police remained close by.

We're cycling along the Nile towards Edfu. The roads here are very busy and not quite easy to navigate, but the surroundings are much more diverse than the days spent in the desert before.

Many children wave to us from the roadside, and after 112 km, we reach our small campsite in Edfu. On Sunday morning, we continue along the Nile towards Aswan.

This is our last cycling day in Egypt (113 km). Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we are unable to cycle through Sudan or Ethiopia. Continuing to Abu Simbel is also not possible for logistical reasons. Therefore, on Monday, we all disassemble our bikes and pack them into the boxes we brought. Afterward, we enjoy the chaos in the markets.

Tuesday is a 'rest day'! Together with a few friends, I decide to visit Abu Simbel by car. This temple, which was moved about 60 meters higher in the 1960s to save it from the constantly rising waters of Lake Nasser, is truly something special! It's hard to believe that it was originally built in the 13th century BCE under King Ramses II.

Very few tourists are present; visitor numbers have sharply declined in recent years, likely due to the proximity to Sudan.

The next day, we finally prepare for the onward journey. We have to fly to Kigali to continue our tour. This mode of travel is particularly challenging for cyclists, but there is no other option.

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